Certified Holistic Health Coach

Why I Want To Help Moms and Moms To Be

Why do I want to help pregnant women and moms? In my experience I felt like there was such a lack of support during this time. You go to the doctor, they do a scan or hear the heartbeat and then you come back 2 or 4 weeks later. What happens in that time? What should you be eating? What supplements should you take? What will make you less nauseous without taking pills? What will give you more iron so you aren’t constantly tired? I turned to google as my best friend because there was NO support. None of my friends had kids yet and my husband was definitely clueless too. What am I offering? SUPPORT- whether it be for 3 months, 9 months or until 2 months postpartum. I will coach you through your pregnancy experience and help you make it as natural as YOU would like it to be.

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